Day 12, Tip 12 - You’re an expert, enjoy!

By now, we’ve shared all of our top tips on how to secure a new opportunity. You’re now considered a job seeking expert!


So it’s time for you to sit back, allow those interviews to flood in and enjoy the Christmas season!

Of course, the ER Team will be back in the office on 2nd January to help to assist you with your search further, but for now – MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Let's re-cap!

Tip 1 … target your market!

There’s a big world out there with plenty of career options! Before starting your career search, consider and note down your desired job location, industry, potential job titles and ideal salary! This narrows down your choices and finds something specific to your requirements!


Tip 2 … Re-vamp your CV!

A CV is the first thing that sells you to a potential employer, so make sure it stands out from the rest! Write a punchy, intriguing profile and ensure that all relevant skills, job roles and dates are correct!


A Christmas bonus tip: Ensure your CV is 2 pages or less, employers will get fed up reading multiple pages, the key here is to be precise and to the point!


Tip 3 … Make sure you network!

You know what they say; it’s not what you know it’s who you know. If you’re looking for a new opportunity an ideal place to start the search is within your own network. Reach out on LinkedIn, speak to friends within companies you’d like to work for and of course attend local networking events to meet new people.


Tip 4 …  Vet your social media!

SOCIAL MEDIA…the thing we all hate to love! Social media is fantastic for a lot of things, but it is also a way for potential employers to get a feel for who you are and what you’re interested in. If you’re not keen on a prospective manager seeing images from your 18-30’s holiday in Zante, we highly suggest you have your profiles set to private!


Tip 5 … Upload to job boards!

Once your CV has been re-vamped and your social media has been set to secure, it’s time to upload your CV to the top job boards and let the jobs come to you!

A Christmas bonus tip: Set up job alerts so that you will be notified when a job meeting your requirements is advertised, this way you’ll be one of the first to hear about it!


Tip 6 … Update your interview wardrobe!

We advise all candidates to attend interviews suited and booted, there gives no better impression than turning up smartly dressed. It might be a while since your last interview and you’d be surprised how a new interview outfit can boost your confidence! Whilst you’re out doing your Christmas shopping treat yourself to those new shoes or a new blazer – it’ll come in handy for the interviews you’ll have lined up!


Tip 7 … Do a mock interview!

Whether you’re a serial interviewee, brand new or haven’t experienced it in a long time – practise makes perfect! Competency interview questions can be found quite easily online and although these may not be the exact questions you’ll be asked on the day, request for a friend or family to interview you to get you prepared for what it might be like!

A Christmas bonus tip: When searching for competency interview questions, also include the sector you work within, this may make them more relevant to you i.e. “Customer Service Competency Interview Questions”


Tip 8 … Research companies & markets!

At this point, you may have secured interviews, or you may just have a specific idea on companies you’d like to secure interviews with. Either way, researching these companies and the markets they operate within is a great idea. Good things to find out is their history and where their heading – with information like this, you can express it within an interview or even on a cover letter! Preparation is key.


Tip 9 ... Build a portfolio!

Not all roles will require a portfolio, and by portfolio we don’t mean a lifetime of certificates – but if you do have previous work relevant to the role that you’d like to showcase then take it along to interview with you! Especially with practical roles, it’s brilliant for an interviewer to see physical examples of work. But a portfolio can take time to prepare so start on it in advance so it’s ready for when you need it!


Tip 10 … Express your interest!

Not all companies you wish to work for will be actively advertising. They may not have a current vacancy BUT this does not mean they will not be interested in you! Find the email address of a HR department, internal recruitment team or MD and forward your CV with a message to state why you wish to work there, sometimes a dangle of the carrot is all it takes!



At this point, you may be giving up. But remember, it’s Christmas and people are extremely busy. The reason you are acting now is to get ahead of the game before everybody acts on their new year’s resolution to start a new role! Don’t stop believing! (Now sing it)!


Tip 12 … You’re an expert, enjoy!

By now, we’ve shared all of our top tips on how to secure a new opportunity. You’re now considered an ER expert! So it’s time for you to sit back, allow those interviews to flood in and enjoy the Christmas season!

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