How to retain your staff:

Many busy business leaders are guilty of spending a significant amount of time recruiting for new employee's but fail to assess how they are ensuring their existing ones stay. Here's our top tips on how you can ensure your staff are happy within the workplace and as a result increase your staff retention: 

Recruit Top Talent

Many businesses fail to recognise real talent or A-Players at the initial recruitment or interview stage. They often mistake a degree and good grades for true capabilities.


Find a Good Fit

During the recruitment stage, it is important to consider if the prospective talent will be a good fit for the business. Will they complement the organisational culture and values? People who fit well with company’s values will stay longer and put in more effort to reach targets and goals.


Provide the Opportunity to Grow

All companies need employees with up-to-date skills. They also need people who are committed to learning and growing. This, in turn, will help your business develop and evolve.


Give a Purpose

What motivates employees more than money is a sense of purpose. The ability to do something rewarding or to contribute to society in a meaningful way. Feeling purposeful will encourage employees to be more engaged. This, in turn, will allow the company to make use of and benefit from their full potential.


When employees find meaning that resonates with their inner values, they’ll become inspired to go the extra mile. Straightforward jobs that don’t need creativity or extra effort will not bother them so much.


Engage Your Team

Disengaged employees lack motivation and may have lost sight of the meaning in their work. If they are high achievers, they will likely leave the company.


To improve this, you may want to define a strategy. You should consider adding coaching techniques to your leadership approach. This can help build better relationships with employees, and, consequently, improve overall general job satisfaction.


Build Strong Relationships

A positive social atmosphere may reduce employee turnover. It is a fact that most full-time employees spend more time with co-workers than with their family. This emphasises the importance of positive relationships between employees and the leadership.


If these connections are strong and meaningful, employees will feel more committed.



A final point - never underestimate the value of recognition. When was the last time you told a team member they'd done a good job? The likelihood is some people can spend months or even years of their careers working away diligently without so much as a word of praise. A simple and sincere 'well done' really goes a long way.

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