Feeling the love in your role?

The doom and gloom of January has come to an end and the month of love is upon us again!


According to the Independent (2018) we Brits spend an average of 3,507 days of our lives at work, with this in mind, the importance of feeling fulfilled and devoted to your career is crucial.


Stats demonstrate that annually individuals consider leaving their current positions around 16 times a year, with many actively keeping their CV on job boards and searching social media for a role that might just catch their eye.


The relationship with your job is much like everything new that occurs in life, at first the prospect of a new challenge excites you, only for the buzz to wear off and the daily routine becoming monotonous. So with the romance of February well underway, we look at how you can bring back the spark to your role! Here are our top tips:

1. Reflect on you reasons ‘why’

For all of us, getting up in the morning and heading to work is second nature – we go to work to provide for our families or to aid our lifestyle, however it is important to reflect on WHY you chose the particular position you’re in. It could be something as simple as appreciating the company’s values or a significant factor like following a lifelong ambition – whatever it is, reconnect with that motivation and reinsert it.

2. Learn something new


Boredom can easily set in when we find we have mastered our current position, when you have been within a particular job/sector for a long period of time we miss the feeling of being challenged. If this is the case, find something new to inject your time in – undertake a new task or support your business through external activities such as CSR.


3. Do more of what you love

Whether you feel unmotivated in your role or not, everybody has an element of their position that makes them tick. Do you love compiling reports? Does communicating with staff bring the most joy to your day? Figure out the tasks that you wish you could do more of and set it in motion, positivity equals productivity!


If you feel that you need to fall back in love with your job again or simply need to find a new challenge that drives you out of bed on a Monday morning, the Eileen Richards Recruitment team are on hand to assist you within your career search. Being experts in pairing individuals up with a position and organisation who match their passion is what makes us LOVE what we do!  


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