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5 Frightening Recruitment Stats!

Historically, Halloween has been adopted within the world of work for numerous generations with many businesses using the spooky holiday as an opportunity to attract and market to customers. It’s a fun time for all employees, enabling them to showcase their creative talents or unleash their competitive streaks.

At Eileen Richards Recruitment however, it’s a time of commemoration where we reminisce on our clients ‘hiring horror’ stories and celebrate how the influence of our team and thorough process has magically turned shock into success.

The wrong hire within any firm can be horrendously costly, inconvenient and can cause negativity and distraction within your team. As a result, this Halloween we are treating you to 5 frightening statistics to highlight the importance of implementing a comprehensive hiring process or selecting the right recruitment partner to hire on your behalf.

1. 39% of vacancies go unfilled due to ghastly job descriptions

The devil is in the detail. The job description is the first glimpse a candidate gets of your firm and the opportunity on offer. Selling yourself short this early on due to a lack of information could leave you with an empty dusty chair for a substantial period.

2. Top talent will ghost you after 10 days

Candidates with an excellent skill set will not be on the market for long. Failing to act fast on reading CV’s, following up with telephone interviews and setting a date to meet face to face can result in candidates losing interest in your business and joining a competitor.

3. 72% of candidates will share their horror stories with others

It’s the oldest trick in the book; if a candidate has a negative recruitment experience with your organisation they are likely to share it! Not only is this damaging to the brand name and reputation (particularly if shared on social media) it can also prevent other prospective employee’s joining you in the future.

4. Candidates spend a hair-raising 6 hours on average prepping for an interview

If your interviewees are doing this much preparation, it’s only fair the interviewer is taking time to prepare too. Many make the mistake of paying less attention to candidates within the earlier stages often delegating to less experienced interviewers. However, an interview works both ways and if you’re not making a potential employee feel valued from the outset you can be sure they’ll vanish from the process.

5. A grim 27% of firms lose a new recruit due to the absence of an on boarding process

It might be the most horrendous of all. You’ve gone through the entire process, recruited an outstanding candidate but due to the lack of an on boarding process and failed communication – you’ve lost them at the last hurdle. The last few weeks of an individual’s notice period are critical, they feel pressured by the team to stay and they may be counter offered – it’s crucial to keep them warm.

Puns aside, the five points highlighted are situations employers are finding themselves in all of the time. It can be daunting, time consuming and stressful deciding to recruit and expand and often this pressure is reflected in the process, resulting in gaps and room for error.

At Eileen Richards Recruitment, our clients and candidates are at the core of what we do – which is why we work closely in partnership to relieve these worries and strains by ensuring all of the work is carried out on your behalf. Our 96% placement rate speaks for itself - you know what they say “if you’ve got it, haunt it”.

Happy Halloween!

If you are looking to partner with a consultancy who will inject fun, expertise and professionalism into your tailored recruitment process email [email protected]

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