Bank Holiday Weekend - Love or Loathe?

The bank holiday is approaching, and for many of us, this means a long relaxing weekend spent socialising with family and friends - unless like me you’ll be sunning it up in San Diego sightseeing, sunbathing and sipping a cocktail! Endless amounts of preparation have gone into planning the trip of a lifetime across America, but despite the feeling of excitement, nausea hits every time I think of leaving work behind and ‘switching off’.

The best thing about recruitment is that it never stops. Yet when planning a break away, this can also be the bane. Building strong rapport and relationships is the aspect of my role I revel in, so whilst recognising that I deserve an adventurous break, I can’t quite shake the guilt of leaving my clients and candidates behind!

You may be loathing me right now or simply thinking ‘she must be mad’, but like many my bank holidays haven’t always been spent on a white beach in LA or shark diving in Guadalupe, so naturally old habits stick. Before my role in Recruitment, I was very much part of the hustle and bustle of the bank holiday weekend, serving double the customers in a prestige city centre restaurant. So whilst I have earned enjoying sitting this one out, I bow down to all of those working within hospitality, retail, contact centres and beyond who will face one of the busiest weekends of the year!

Possessing a vast career background within the hospitality and customer service sector, I can strongly relate to these individuals and salute them for their commitment, whether I was working a 60 hour week in hospitality, or serving hotel guests in a luxury alpine ski resort, my focus to deliver an exceptional level of service remained my sole purpose, which resulted in the consultative approach I retain today!

With customer service excellence at the heart of every job I’ve had throughout my career, for me, customer service excellence is about listening to, acting on and exceeding the expectations of the people I am providing a service to. I can recognise that unfortunately, not all customer service professionals are as passionate as I, but the majority are out there!

My previous work history may make me slightly biased, but without these phenomenal team members, businesses wouldn’t be able to function throughout these busy periods! So, whether your team are on or off shift this weekend, it’s important to recognise our customer service professionals and what makes them excellent.

No matter what your business function, without a strong customer service team there is no workforce to represent your brand image, reputation and customer satisfaction – they really are the core of your firm.

So for all of those hiring managers and team leaders with employee’s working over this bank holiday weekend – look after them, they’re your business voice! And for those who will be relishing in the idyllic long weekend perhaps venturing out to eat or to enjoy a day out, a simple thank you or a little praise can go a long way to those counting down the hours until normality resumes!

I’m fortunate enough to work alongside talented and experienced colleagues who will be managing my workload whilst I’m away, should your team need additional customer service support to assist you, or you are looking for a customer service role where you can feel valued and supported like me, then please get in touch


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