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ER Escape The Wild!

On 26th-28th June Katy & Scarlett from the ER Team took on Escape the Wild in the Lake District. With both girls possessing individual fears of their own, the inspiration to take part could only be driven by one motivation: in aid of Hope Against Cancer.

Alongside an array of both familiar and unfamiliar faces, they set off on Wednesday evening to head to Coniston to partake in the unknown challenge of escaping the wild. After arriving and settling into their tent they rested ahead of Thursday’s jam-packed day – little did they know what awaited…

From the outset, the challenge was immense, from trekking up mountains to climbing up crags, jumping off cliffs, swimming in open water, abseiling from huge heights, scrambling through caves and even eating insects – nothing could have prepared the girls both mentally or physically for the activities they undertook.

With the support of an incredible team, amazing training from Griffin Fit and the phenomenal work of the charity spurring them on – Katy & Scarlett managed to tackle each task, pushing themselves in order to accomplish each activity.

Discussing the challenge Scarlett stated:

“Taking part in Challenge the Wild was an incredible, unbelievable experience. There were times when I felt like I was facing fears I didn’t even know I had, pushing my body to the limit to overcome and accomplish tasks. I never would have thought I’d achieve and partake in all of the activities that I managed to, but with the constant support, encouragement and buzz from my team mates I felt empowered to push on and ultimately smash it! We left as strangers and returned a close-knit HOPE family with memories that’ll last a lifetime.”

Adding to the importance of a strong team, Katy said:

“Having a real interest in outdoor pursuits involving heights and water, I didn't quite anticipate the activities would challenge me as much as they did! However, even when you are experienced - hanging off the side of an extremely high rock face, or about to jump 20 foot into freezing cold water in pitch black, I can openly admit I was absolutely petrified! It was great to mix with people from all different levels of business and as a unified team, we had each other's backs in every situation, we all had our own vulnerabilities but supported and adapted to each team member to get a shared end result.”

Injecting Escape the Wild back into the ER office, Katy & Scarlett’s greatest take away was that “no matter the size of the challenge, if you face to together you will reach your overall goal! Together, everyone really does achieve more."

As avid supporters of Hope Against Cancer, all money donated goes towards life changing cancer research in the Leicestershire & Rutland area striving for a future where more local people survive cancer. Thank you to everybody who donated already, however you can still donate see here:

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