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With just weeks to go until Christmas, the all important day becomes a focus on many people’s minds with a hectic schedule of events on the horizon, staff annual leave to deal with and of course office secret Santa gifts to organise! It can almost feel exhausting to even think about adding another task to the list, but for a business with its eyes set on growth within the New Year, slacking on recruitment is just not an option.

As you’ve heard us say a multitude of times, top talent does not stay on the market for long, and taking into account the length of the process alongside notice periods, if you are looking to hit the ground running with new members in 2020, the recruitment process needs to begin now.

Stats state that 67% of people will consider changing their career as their New Year’s resolution, and an even higher amount of 72% of firms will have plans of growth. Recruiting alone can sometimes take an organisation as long as 6 months, which is a significant amount of time with an empty seat and a lack of productivity - causing a potential cost to the business.

Our in depth process and rich database means that you can beat the recruitment ‘new year rush’ by advertising your vacancy with us. Our specialists will take on the hard work on your behalf, ensuring candidates are pre-screened, met face to face, approved by you and ready to start in January next year!

For more information, or to get the ball rolling on recruiting your 2020 team get in touch with

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