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Spreading #Hope for Christmas 💙💜

Hope Against Cancer has held a special place in the hearts of the ER Team for several years now. Despite being founded in 2002, our MD Eileen only became familiar with Hope and the incredible, life changing work they do around 5 years ago. Since then the Hope team have become our charity partner and the brilliant team feel like a branch off from our own.

Hope Against Cancer are leading the way within cancer research across Leicestershire and Rutland and are making continuous waves across the UK and beyond with their groundbreaking studies. With 60 research projects funded so far and many more in the pipeline, the work Hope do is truly shaping the future for those diagnosed and living with cancer.

With our MD Eileen being a Trustee and Co-Founder of the Hope Through Business Club alongside Duncan Green, the ER Team get involved in as much as they can to support Hope. This year alone has seen Katy & Scarlett partake in ‘Challenge the Wild’ a two day trip in the Peak District undergoing gruelling activities and pushing them both mentally and physically in order to raise funds. Alongside this, the team regularly attend Hope events including quiz nights and are part of other events through sponsorship such as golf days and supporter events.

We are proud to be a small segment in Hope’s continued growth and success and are keen to assist however we can to be part of them achieving their mission to provide a future where more people are surviving cancer.

As a result, we are choosing to support Hope this Christmas by donating funds which would usually be spend on cards and gifts to aid their life changing research. 2 million people within the UK are currently living with cancer; by 2030 this is expected to double to 4 million. The Eileen Richards Recruitment team are keen to work in conjunction with Hope, their leading doctors and professors, incredible nurses and supportive business members to strive for better survival rates and better quality of life through scientific breakthroughs.

So this Christmas, we are giving the best gift of all to our clients, candidates and business connections – an investment in the future of cancer to aid a second chance of life.

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May 28, 2021

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