The Apprentice - Interview week, a recruiter's favourite!

Did you tune into to last night’s The Apprentice? Interview week is a firm favourite within our ER Team for obvious reasons and there was strong competition with 5 of our team members each with candidates in the running to secure a place in the final.

As avid watchers of The Apprentice, this year we decided to create a sweepstake to inject fun and engagement, whilst perhaps picking up a tip or two! Throughout the weeks, it’s been eye opening with some very strong performances and quite the contrary. However, as the numbers dwindled week by week, we now have the final two candidates who Max and Katy are the proud owners of!

If you watched last night, you’ll be aware of the vigorous interviews that took place, which across social media were described as ‘brutal’ yet ‘highly entertaining’. However, from a recruiter’s perspective it wasn’t the showbiz or potential drama which intrigued us, but in fact the way the questions were asked, interpreted and answered.

Interview question techniques are something many clients and candidates fail to consider prior to sitting in an interview. There are a mass of question types to be considered including behavioural, competency, open, closed, probing and even multiple just to name a few, therefore preparation and training is crucial for those interviewing on behalf of your organisation.

Last night, Lord Sugar placed the significant duty of interviewing in the trusted hands of Claude Littner, Mike Soutar, Linda Plant and Claudine Collins – each of whom Lord Sugar described as his ‘most trusted advisors’. In any organisation, it is vital to have the right individuals representing you at interview stage, ensuring they are acting on behalf of the brand and its values - ultimately leading to the successful recruit of talented employees.

With the countdown now on until next week’s final between Scarlett and Carina, the tension and anticipation is rising. Who will be HIRED in this year’s The Apprentice and will Maxine or Katy be victorious in being crowned the winner of 2019’s top candidate?

If you are looking to train team members to recruit on your behalf, or think that your existing interviewers could benefit from a training refresh, our industry leading interview training can ensure you can leave the entire process in the hands of your own trusted advisors.

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