The Digital Revolution!

Today is #InternationalYouthDay, a day dedicated to our young people celebrating their place within our society. If you’re anything like me, this day is a simple reminder of the amount of years that have passed since I was considered a ‘youth’ when Spice Girls were blasting on the radio, everybody was wearing Kappa tracksuit bottoms with the poppers and all you had to worry about was getting home from the park in time for tea and avoiding getting grounded… Oh how times have changed!

However despite the sinking feeling ‘youth day’ may incur in some of us, today does have some positive aspects to shout about! We have to give it to them, Generation Z is taking over the world of work as we know it, and let’s face it - they’re doing one hell of a job.

I was 17 years old, the year was 2003 (don’t work out my age), and I was excited to get stuck into my first ever job which I’d landed as a receptionist for a music education company.

Back then social media was almost non-existent; Facebook arrived in 2004 and blew My Space out of the water! Facebook was an instant craze that swept through the younger generation enabling constant chat, the ability to share pictures from anywhere and connect with people from all walks of life.

This was the beginning of social media as we know it. But Facebook was just the start, since then we’ve seen the rise of other social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn – just to name a few! Not only are these sites used for social interaction, but we are seeing the effects of how these platforms can promote our business brands, products and services to a wider audience.

Like a flash, time has passed and technology has evolved at crazy rates. Despite businesses traditionally featuring a marketing department, today roles are defined by marketing function. We have seen an increase in specialist marketers in areas such as Social Media, Graphic Design and PPC to name a few.

As an individual with a strong working background within sales, marketing and events, mixed with my competitive nature, I know how important it is to keep up to date with the advances of the digital market place. I believe, we have two choices, ride the digital wave or let the wave drown you out.

For pretty much all of us, social media has become an integral part of our daily tasks. Whether its checking your daily Instagram feed for motivational quotes in the morning (not me), posting happy birthday on your old school friends Facebook wall on your lunch (sometimes me) or WhatsApp’ing your other half on the way home to see what’s for dinner (definitely me) – we’re all on it in some way or another!

Whilst it may not be for some, it’s an aspect of our society that has become widely accepted and adhered to, with businesses of all types now tapping into social media platforms to connect with wider audiences. In recruitment, it enables those conducting their daily tweet or refreshing their LinkedIn profile to see our latest positions and apply or refer a friend, whilst it’s helping many other organisations too such as the police appealing for witnesses, news platforms sharing the latest gossip and fashion retailers alerting about their latest sale. It’s the quickest and cheapest way to get your message out there, in which case we need to be following Generation Z’s example!

Whatever your attitude towards it, the digital revolution is no way near over, with artificial intelligence, 5G technologies and wireless communications set to dominate everything, everywhere. You may not be as technologically savvy or as youthful as Generation Z, but we all need to be aware of the shift in technical advances that will form our future generations.

So let’s dedicate #InternationalYouthDay to our flourishing young people who are set to shape the working environment all the more, whilst celebrating our adaptation and embracement of the digital era! You’re only as old as your mobile device!

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