Eileen Richards Recruitment is not like any other recruitment business I've come across. Speaking with Eileen, Max, Sarah, or any of the team is like working with the actual Recruitment Manager in countless businesses at the same time.

I didn't get the first job I was interested in but that wasn't a problem, Eileen and Max spoke to a business they work closely with because they thought I'd be a good fit. The business must have agreed because a month or so later a role had been created and I was in the door.

This team really get to know candidates and seem to be a little part of the businesses they work with. 

Anyone I speak to that needs to hire or be hired gets a recommendation to call ERR.


"I just want to say thank you for all the support you have given me throughout the process. As promised, please find my testimonial for you below:

I would like to thank Josh ever so much for securing my position. He communicated and supported me throughout the whole process and coached me prior to my interview. Josh is extremely professional and I would highly recommend your service and staff. Once again, thank you! 

All the best for the future"


"Would like to say thank you to all at Eileen Richards Recruitment and especially Michaella, for all the help and support provided. After being in my last position for over 12 years, looking for new employment seemed to be a daunting task. Michaella provided guidance and inspiration and showed great confidence in me which in turn allowed me to believe being re-employed would be a quick success, which it was"


"Eileen and Rebecca were absolutely fantastic and placed me quicker then I could have imagined possible. They were so friendly and really put me at ease at the thought of going a job interview for a very important step. In my career. A wonderful amount of support was given before and after. By far the best recruitment consultants I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with"


"I had taken a career break abroad for 6 months and was looking for opportunities across multiple sectors for a marketing manager role. Unlike other agencies, ER Recruitment were never too busy to help me in my search, and even offered advice and support over the weekend when I needed reassurance. Meeting with Max and Eileen was wonderful – they both briefed me thoroughly on the position I was interviewing for and made sure I was happy and confident before I left the office. I cannot thank Eileen and the team enough in their efforts to place me in my job, their enthusiasm and positivity was infectious and I am thrilled to say that my search lasted just 10 days before I was successfully employed!"  

Hannah Tomlinson

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the support I received from your team. Especially the support from Katy and then followed by Michaella who really prepped  me for the interview. Both ladies are a credit to the business and I would certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a job. Katy actually called me to wish me good luck for my first day, this really made my day and gave me confidence. I have finished my first week and have really enjoyed each day. All of you were very friendly and welcoming. So thank you all for all your support."

 Sunita Mashru

"I want so say a great big THANK YOU to Eileen Richards and her wonderful
team. From contacting me about a job opportunity to me attending the interview and
getting the job my journey was smooth, professional, friendly and supportive
Thank you to all of you, I really couldn't have done it without you!"


"Words cannot express how happy I am with my job offer today. This was the only role I expressed interest in. The service I received from Eileen Richards recruitment was prompt, heard back the next day after submitting my CV was then invited into their office and was put forward for an interview all in a matter of days. All this happened ever so swiftly and I'm delighted with the outcome. Thank you for all your support." 

Manjit Mander

"I had a great time working with Eileen Richards Recruitment, I thought the staff were excellent and felt that I was prepared for everything that could come up in the interview process from the basics to the fine details. Would recommend to anyone wanting to go into this line of work"